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The C2MI offers new partners a distinctive environment where innovation can thrive. Partners who join the C2MI are innovation leaders who participate in the Centre’s activities, collaborate with other partners, and take advantage of knowledge-sharing opportunities between fellow partners. Through these activities, the C2MI provides partners with opportunities for significant competitive advantage.



Once partners have completed their initial research, the C2MI can provide them with the necessary tools and resources to bridge the often daunting gap that exists between university research and commercial production. The C2MI provides a unique infrastructure that allows both small and large companies to finalize the development of their innovative concepts and bring them smoothly to market. Since the Centre fosters an industry-driven environment, the products developed here must be marketable applications for use in the near future. The Centre’s strengths are based on a compelling combination of highly qualified, onsite researchers, leading edge equipment, and a state-of-the-art facility.


Contributing to the success of the C2MI and its partners requires allowing partners to maintain ownership of intellectual property (IP) for projects undertaken at the Centre. This is a crucial part of balancing the Centre’s role as a research hub and facilitator of the commercialization phase. By doing this, the C2MI ensures partners’ growth by not interfering in their ability to gather IP.

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Joining C2MI is helping to reinvent innovation

Working as a partner of the C2MI allows flexibility to meet the demands of organizations of all sizes and specialties, thus ensuring customization of contributions and derived profits.