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Fiarex testing laboratory Inc is a testing laboratory specialized in environmental/EMC product testing and reliability analysis services. For more than 15 years, Fiarex has developed a solid expertise in environmental an mechanical testing. Fiarex's staff are committed to providing flexible services and have the technical expertise to support our clients throughout the testing and validation process of their producs. Fiarex has a wide range of recognized services related to reliability testing and failure analysis. EMC testing Inc specializes in electromagnetic compatibility testing for electric and electronic products. Compliance to EMC is mandatory in most countries worlwide. EMC Tes Lab is a branch of the Fiarex. This synergy between the two laboratories permits us to offer our clients a wide variety of tests under one roof.


With our operational flexibility and our experienced staff, we are committed to offer our customers quality expertise throughout the validation process of manufactured goods. We have a wide range of related services in regards to reliability testing, failure analysis and EMC  testing, all under one roof.


Our testing laboratories are accredited ISO 17025 by the American Association for laboratory accréditation (A2ALA) and the FCC.

Technologies and Processes

Mechanical testing, Environmental testing, Ingress protection (IP), EMC testing, EC marking

Fiarex and its subsidiary are proud members of C2MI. The services that are offered and the state-of-the-art equipment positively go beyond our expectations and industry standards

Jean-Pierre Rioux, President
Fiarex et CEM, laboratoires d'essais


2425, boulevard Industriel
Chambly, Québec
Canada, J3L 4W3


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Jean-Pierre Rioux