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IPDIA is a preferred supplier of high performance, high stability and high reliability silicon passive components to customers in the medical, automotive, communication, industrial, and defense/aerospace markets.

IPDIA’s revolutionary technology has been adopted by 3 of the 5 leaders in electronic medical, 2 of the main HBLEDS manufacturers as well as big names in the semiconductor and Hi-Rel industries.

IPDIA headquarters are located in Caen, France. The company operates design centers, sales and marketing offices and a manufacturing facility certified ISO 9001 / 14001 / 18001 /13485 as well as ISO TS 16949 for the Automotive market.

An affiliated Company called IPDiA Electronic Components Inc., composed of a sales organization and a technical R&D support, has been created at the beginning of 2014 in Montreal, Canada.


IPDIA manufacture your innovations:

  • Independent European company dedicated to manufacturing of leading edge Integrated Passive Devices.
  • Serving the market with a revolutionary technology for miniaturization and performance optimization of electronic circuits.
  • Open platform for advanced semiconductor process (Silicon capacitors, MOS transistors, MEMS, sensors, etc).


Ultra miniaturized silicon passive components with high performance, high stability and high reliability features:
  • From one to ten’s components in one silicon die.
  • Capacitance integration on silicon wafer, up to 500 nF/mm².
  • Ultra low profile passives down to 30 µm.
  • Excellent electrical performances: up to 67 GHz bandwidth, low ESR/ESL.
  • Extreme operating conditions up to 250°C.
  • High reliability: more than 100 times better than alternative technologies
Enable Performiniaturization (*PerforMiniaturization : process of miniaturizing and optimizing performances of electronic boards):
  • Custom products: Capacitor networks, Passive component arrays, Interposers with passive components, ESD protections
  • Specialty products: High Stability Silicon Capacitors, Low Profile Silicon Capacitors, Vertical Silicon Capacitors , Wire bond & Embedded Silicon Capacitors , High Temperature Silicon Capacitors 200°C, Xtreme Temperature Silicon Capacitors 250°C, Ultra Broadband Silicon Capacitors
Propose High Performance Solutions:
  • Hi Rel / High performance Electronic:  integrate a full passive component bill of material in one single silicon die with tremendous performances: capacitance stability over voltage, aging temperature (up to 250°C), an ultra large band performance of 67 GHz, low leakage current, high reliability, extended lifetime.
  • Semiconductors: Typical product /system integration goes from a single 100nF capacitor  chip up to advanced silicon passive arrays or interposers.


Technoparc, 7140 Albert Einstein
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H4S 2C1

514 770-4991


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Faycal Mounaim

Applications et Marketing Engineer

514 770-4991