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We believe that innovation in enterprise is the most secure and consistent way to generate wealth sustainably. The challenge for any company is to develop a balanced portfolio of innovations to continuously renew its offer and to remain competitive to counter the threats of its rivals. In addition, successful innovations require a transversal management approach as well as a corporate culture that promotes creativity. For example, if your efforts are focused on R & D, without integrating the right product development marketing strategy from the beginning and the right financial resources until the end, you are probably forgetting an important part of the work, which could possibly lead to a product launch failure. With more than 25 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur who has worked in several market sectors, Mr. Kassi puts all his expertise and know-how at the service of entrepreneurs of SMEs and Startups to accompany them to meet their challenges, innovations. Mr. Kassi is constantly reviewing research and innovation practices of the best companies and sharing his thoughts on the subject via his blog.


Provide distinctive services to enhance the prosperity of SMEs through innovation.


  • Diagnosis: The first step in our approach is to establish the overall diagnosis of operations by relying on internal surveys and reviewing all processes. The aim is to establish a global mapping of innovation opportunities while bearing in mind the cross-cutting aspect of an innovation.
  • Coaching SME entrepreneurs: Based on the diagnosis, we commit ourselves to articulate a rigorous operational strategic plan and we ensure its execution in collaboration with the management team. Very often, the achievement of the objectives involves the implementation of a cultural change centered on innovation and the reorganization of teams. Our accompanying approach will enable you to maintain a holistic innovation process that considers competitiveness, product portfolio renewal, intangible management such as intellectual property and the process to enhance creativity in internal.
  • Mentoring and / or start-up coaching
  • Strategic advice

Sémaz Inc

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Hassan Kassi