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The company is made up of engineers and health specialists who are grouped around a project located in Sherbrooke and Montreal. The HOP-Child ecosystem includes researchers, operators and market developers in order to provide technology in the field of Neuro-Tech.


HOP-Child develops a support platform for a caregiver of individuals who are affected by neuro-cognitive and degenerative disorders and diseases.


The team has developed advanced expertise in clinical trials by providing professional services, digital support in mental health and machine learning. The approach to the market is aimed at offering the solution on a turnkey basis (Taylor made), in particular by setting up a non-exclusive license to use, specific to an application and a market.

Technologies HopChild

1055, 12e avenue Nord, suite 240
Sherbrooke, Québec
Canada, J1E 2X4


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Marc-Antoine Pelletier

Founding Partner