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C2MI welcomes Nemko - A world leader in product certification

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Wednesday, 16 April, 2014

Oslo, Norway and Bromont, April 16th 2014 - The Miqro Innovation Collaborative Center (C2MI) added another string to his bow. Indeed, Nemko Canada, a subsidiary of the international company Nemko, based in Oslo, Norway with subsidiaries around the world announced its participation as a C2MI commercialization partner. 

Commercialization partners support C2MI active members by providing the expertise and resources to accelerate all aspects related to commercialization of new technologies onto the market.

<--break->Companies around the world rely on Nemko to assess compliance with standards and regulations relating to their products, their systems, their facilities or their personnel. With a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations in more than 150 countries, Nemko ensures that all the necessary documents in each market are consistent and that the products meet the standards.

C2MI is very pleased to add Nemko to its valuable partner’s network.  C2MI network, already reaching more than 40 members and partners, continues to grow and diversify. Nemko membership offers complementary skills to all of our members by providing expertise in product certification, testing product safety, international product approvals or certification of management systems.

"The quality, variety and value of the services offered by Nemko are recognized worldwide by numerous world renowned organizations involved in a wide range of industries. Nemko's expertise, in a significant part of the product commercialization, is a key value to the C2MI ecosystem.  By including the product certification process, at an early stage of new products, with the goal to meet standards and regulations in the countries to which they are intended is a significant addition to its commercial value "said Normand Bourbonnais, CEO at C2MI.

"With this important corporate investment, Nemko aims to serve the potential for export of Quebec. The laboratory will become the forefront of markets expansion worldwide. We target to leverage the industrial strengths of the region: medical equipment, IT equipment, smart devices embedded in aeronautic, railway and automotive equipment, and smart microelectronics which have all an excellent representation in C2MI. "add Sim Jagpal, CEO Nemko Canada.

About Nemko 

Nemko is a global leader and certification agency with 24 locations in 4 continents, offering market access service to over 150 countries worldwide.  Nemko has completed more than 42,000 orders for certificates and tests. The Nemko Direct and Nemko Direct for Telecom programs are regarded as the standard in the industry for global market access. One world - Our approval

About MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre

The MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) is an international reference in the fields of advanced packaging and microsystems. The C2MI is a Centre of excellence for commercialization and research (CECR) whose role is to help produce market-driven prototypes in the fields of applications of the information and communication technologies, automobile, aerospace as well as environment and health to accelerate their commercialization. The establishment of C2MI was made possible by contributions from Industry Canada, the ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation du Québec, Université de Sherbrooke, industrial partners and the Town of Bromont. Visit : .

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