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Adetel Group is specialized in design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronics and software systems in harsh environments. Tier-2s 2 OEM. Electronic and software engineering. A vertically integrated stream for the "Service for Electronics".

Present in many sectors, Adetel Group participates in diverse and innovative projects: embedded computers, uninterruptible power supplies, power converters, embedded software development, BSP / Drivers, GPS equipment, satellite communications etc.


  • Bringing through hardware and software new smart products to our customers: for more security, more performance, more user-friendly or less consumption;
  • Working with customers R&D departments, research institutes and universities to develop our ideas;
  • Relying on the creativity of the 500 employees of the group;
  • Adding our contribution to the financial package of these projects based on the institutions created to promote innovation: OSEO, Jessica, thematic regional clusters, European competitiveness clusters and programs.


Our team of experts, design & software engineers and electro-technical technicians can help in the following sectors: railways, aeronautics, automotive industry, marine, spatial, industrial, medical, consumer, information technology and telecommunications.

Technical assistance services : 

  1. Design
    Our design engineers cover the various tasks from the needs audit to developing an electronic or software system.
  2. Software Development
    Our software teams handle all tasks associated with embedded and un-embedded software development, with interfaces between man and machine and software security.
  3. Masters workforce
    Our engineers and technicians accompany you in pilot projects, management of subcontracting, the interface with your customers.
  4. Industrialisation
    We accompany you for your CAD design e-cards or completion of file manufacturing.
  5. Other services
    Sourcing, purchasing, quality etc.
  6. Tests
    Technicians and engineers ensure qualification, validation, putting into service, calibration, maintenance, service and troubleshooting electronic equipment, electrical, and software.
  7. Electronic Production and electromechanical
    Our staff are able to give you their assistance to the production management methods, scheduling, the assembly, wiring, integration and quality control.


4811, Chemin De La Savane
Saint-Hubert, Québec
Canada, J3Y 9G1

450 259-1087

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Benoit Morin


514 293-6209