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Alizem is an independent company specializing in embedded software and technology transfer for the power electronics applications such as controlling electric motors or converting solar energy. Alizem software solutions are designed to be integrated quickly and easily by users without expertise in power electronics or embedded software development.

These solutions are designed to provide significant reductions in development costs, risk and time to market of electronic systems power base.


Connect knowledge with market needs.


Each Alizem IP comes with support services integration, engineering and marketing designed to meet customer needs and to achieve its objectives. In Alizem, electronic systems are still very powerful. Embedded systems professionals are ready to assist clients in their project cycle and advice regarding the optimal system architecture for their specific application.

  •  Power Electronics: drives electric motors and solar energy conversion
  •  Design of embedded systems on any type of device (DSP, MCU, FPGA)
  •  Development of embedded software / IP development
  •  Prototyping, development and integration of software
  • Technology Transfer
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Technological and Commercial Intelligence

​Alizem key also offers complete solutions in hand. The team manages your file for its customers by working with established design houses.


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418 614-4643