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Alizem is a boutique IP firm operated by Dr. Marc Perron, ing. and specialized in all aspects of commercializing electronics technologies coming from academia research (TRL4-9), including technology scouting, licensee prospection and entrepreneur coaching.


To promote and monetize intellectual work for the benefit of the economy and humanity.



Since 2008, 100% focused on all operations between research invention disclosure to product first sales:

  • Invention Disclosure Analysis, Technology Assessment, IP strategy.
  • Technology maturation financing, IP Licensing,
  • Voice of Customer, product development,
  • Startup operations, team building and entrepreneur coaching,
  • New product release and marketing,
  • Complex sales operations, pipeline management, partnerships,
  • Venture capital and non-dilutive financing, investor relations.


Markets and applications covered:

  • Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and IP,
  • Organic electronics,
  • EV charging stations for cities and for mining industry,
  • AI for city water management,
  • Aerospace aircraft electrification (MEA),
  • Medical devices, rehabilitation devices,Microscopy,
  • Industrial robotics and IoT, Video Edge Computing,
  • Consumer electronics and many others.

Connected network with R&D labs and OEMs in the field of industrial electronics.


1190B de Courchevel Street, Suite 400
Lévis, Quebec
Canada, G6W 0M6

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Marc Perron