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Acoustic microscopy provides quality control in many industries, including semiconductor. In this context, DEKKO puts forward its Alpha Lab-One, using the fastSAM technology to generate higher quality images in a time fraction of the competition microscopes. DEKKO presents a flexible design product with the ability to inspect high-volume parts, as well as advance a new polymer coupling matrix that eliminates the need to use water in the imaging process. These innovations provide opportunities for the new industries to benefit from the acoustic microscopy advantages.


Make acoustic microscopy a convenience for high technology industries.


  • Reliability: the equipment developed by DEKKO is reliable enough to serve in highly automated assembly lines.
  • Performance: the equipment available on the market has major shortcomings on the basic performance criteria, particularly on speed. Due to its innovative culture, DEKKO offers more performing equipment than competitors.
  • Simple: DEKKO’s equipment can be operated by a technician that needs a minimum training of a few hours.
  • Affordable: due to an ingenious design, DEKKO can produce equipment at a fraction of the competitor’s production costs.


DEKKO TECHNOLOGIES INC. has a wide range of fundamental skills to stand out in an industry that is technical and competitive. DEKKO has highly specialized innovative skills such as non-destructive inspection, high-speed image and signal processing, acoustics and ultrasound, precision mechanical systems and digital simulations. Also, DEKKO distinguishes itself by its sales skills, whether through its ability to negotiate agreements with partners or by knowing its competition and the market needs.

Technologies and processes

Conventional acoustic microscopy refers to a point-by-point scanning method, by means of a transducer that moves to make the measurement. DEKKO’s fastSAM technology uses an internal rotating mirror, combined with an acoustic lens system, to provide a complete 2D scan without moving the acoustic head. DEKKO’s technology makes it possible to create superior images much faster without immersing the parts in the water. In addition, DEKKO microscopes can form large part images that conventional scanner cannot analyze.

Dekko Technologies Inc.

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