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InfinityQ Technology Inc.

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InfinityQ is a Quantum Computing technology company developing the world's first room temperature CMOS-compatible quantum optimisation chip architecture with the potential to deliver incredible - 100,000 times faster - computing power at micro-scale and low power consumption.
Our technology is hardware - and operating software-based and is designed to work as a part of a wider classical computer system - whether at micro, mini or supercomputer scale. Applications include: financial services, drug design, climate modelling, artificial intelligence, logistics, network management, big data analysis, materials science and more...


InfinityQ's mission is to solve the world's most pressing computational problems with accessible quantum technology.


The InfinityQ team comprises experts in quantum mechanics, mathematics, electronics and IC design, supercomputing and engineering.

InfinityQ seeks application development partners with practical, complex and traditionally intractable computational problems (Travelling salesman, NP-complete).
Together we will seek solutions using our quantum optimisation technology.

InfinityQ Technology Inc.

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Kristina Kapanova

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Aurélie Helouis


438 496 2480