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Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. We are dedicated to providing you with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, circuit protection, timing and synchronization, touch interface, video broadcasting, high-performance optical transport equipment (SerDes), high-reliability military products, low-power wireless RF, and digital sensor/signal conditioning ICs.

No mere upstart in today's high-tech-driven economy, Semtech has already achieved over 40 years of financial success, stability and performance. Our market potential is huge, and we are poised to produce today's results and tomorrow's vision.

Semtech has the leadership to oversee growth, the talent to develop the products that drive growth, and the experience to direct the growth that keeps the company in a leadership position within today’s competitive business environment. The industry experience of our company’s senior management is 23 years.


Develop unique solutions and advanced technology in power management, circuit protection, interface, diffusion, optical transport equipment, military products and more.


Our products, differentiated by innovation, size, efficiency and performance, are used in some of the most innovative systems and in some of the fastest growing markets in the industry. Fast growing markets such as Smart Phones, LCD TVs, Notebook Computers, Wireless LAN Modems, Automatic Meter Reading, Ultra-Low Power Medical, Satellite Communication, Cellular Infrastructure, Optical Transport and Datacenters.

Product line :

  • Circuit Protection (TVS)
  • Wireless RF and Sensing
  • Power Management
  • Optical Transport (SerDes)
  • Touch Interface and Sensing
  • Optical Networking, Storage and Computing
  • Timing and Synchronization
  • High-Rel Discrete Semiconductors
  • Video Broadcast
  • IP Cores
  • Security and Surveillance


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Jean-Marc Papillon

Ingénieur Principal - Conception de boîtiers électroniques

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