Mission – Vision – Values


Accelerate the development and commercialization of the components essential to digital technologies by leveraging our collaborative ecosystem, world-class infrastructure and team of industrial and academic experts.


To be the collaborative solution of choice for accelerating commercialization of components essential to digital technologies.



We are convinced that the innovation essential to stand out on the world stage and to achieve the business goals of both our clients and ours relies on daily complementary and collaborative action between our partners, our clients and our employees resulting in synergy of skills and knowledge sharing.


Dare to question ourselves even when everything is working properly, take risks, take up challenges that push our limits and create to obtain innovative and stimulating results. Thrive on the idea of evolving, growing to remain at the forefront in our business sectors and shape tomorrow’s world.

To excel

The expertise of our employees, partners and collaborators, the fostering of a dynamic work atmosphere along with a sustained rigor in the accomplishment of our projects will make it possible to achieve the anticipated excellence and thus meet the unique and always evolving needs of our customers.