Did you know …

Did you know …



We present the second episode of our mini-series dedicated to LiDAR. Reminder : LiDAR is the abreviation of ”light detection […]


Using LIDAR definition and applications of 3D sensing

Let us introduce to you our first mini-serie on LiDARS. LiDAR, short for light detection and ranging, is a technology […]


Using light : A wink to photonics ?

The light emitted by the sun, known as white light, constitutes a spectrum ranging from infrared to ultraviolet. The human […]


Snow White and her magic mirror have a common point with autonomous cars?

The first step for an autonomous car to be so, is to be equipped with a multitude of sensors: cameras, […]


Can microlectronics and fluids make a great team?

Microfluidics is the science and technique of systems handling fluids and of which at least one of the characteristic dimensions […]

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Indeed, devices with modules containing flip chips could only survive a few temperature cycles without this crucial step. Flip chips […]


That the manufacture of MEMS require the creation of very deep holes like a drill rig does?

At C2MI, the Versalis tool from SPTS has several chambers allowing different types of plasma etchings. The Rapier module, used for Deep […]

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Too much stress is as bad for MEMS as it is for humans? I

The moving parts of a MEMS must be at low mechanical stress to avoid deformation when they are released and […]


That the human eye have limits?

Did you know that the human eye is not sufficient to inspect the various stages of electronic products fabrication? Even using […]


That scientists are inspired by nature?

Those interested in biomimicry and bio-inspiration are familiar with the lotus leaves water droplet repellency effect, more commonly referred to […]

Automatic machines

Automatic machines that still require great skills!

Did you know that wire bonding, although invented over 60 years ago, still requires manual threading of its automated tools? In […]

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There is another method for flip chip attach than the tradional C4 controlled collapse chip connection?

Did you know that there is another method for flip chip attach than the traditional C4 controlled collapse chip connection? […]


Did you know that dry cleaning is not just a life saver for delicate clothes but also extends to the microelectronic field?

In fact, cleaning methods which require no water nor solvents are well indicated for the sensitive microelectronic devices. Plasma cleaning […]

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Did you know that printed electronics is greener than conventional electronics?

Printed electronics is becoming very popular in the market because of its economic and ecological advantages among other things. Imagine […]

Technologie des MEMS

MEMS Technology

Did you know that devices barely bigger than the diameter of a hair could save your life? Indeed, the technology […]


Knitting is also being practiced in microelectronics!

Did you know that knitting is also being practiced in microelectronics? Indeed, the technique of “wirebonding” is a technique that […]

SVQ - Octobre 2018

3D Internal Reconstruction

The ancestor of the 3D vision glasses that allow us to see through the walls already exists! A much larger […]

SVQ - Août 2018

Failure analysis

Water, although it is perceived as a hostile environment for electronics and from which, intuitively, we try to keep everything […]

SVQ - Juin 2018

Intermittent electrical problems

Intermittent electrical problems are present in our daily lives, whether it is our automobile on which a headlight turns off […]

SVQ - Avril 2018

Temperature Distorsion

As for bridge structure where we circulate all day long, electronic components distort itself with temperature, especially electronic board. Indeed, […]

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Technical conference on printed electronics and 3D printing

On April 11, C2MI will held the Technical conference on printed electronics and 3D printing. For more information, go on […]

Iconn ProCu Plus LA

Another novelty at C2MI: Capillary Wedge

The C2MI has recently acquired the new capability of doing capillary wedge-to-wedge wire bonding on its K&S Iconn PoCu Plus […]


Composition analysis

The tasting profession is far less dangerous today than it was in the Romans, and not only because poisons are […]


C2MI is a member of QuébecInnove

QuébecInnove is a network recognized by the Government of Québec. It brings together active organizations in research and innovation that can meet […]

SVQ - Août 2017

Analytical Laboratory

C2MI’s material analysis laboratory is made up of state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to literally find a grain of salt […]


Spirit and Opportunity

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, business unit of Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc. manufactured the CCD image sensors for the Mars mission by […]



In the past, reliability was dictated by the 5 min rule: when a cathedral was built, the workers removed the […]