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Positioning Market driven MiQro Innovation Collaborative Center (C2MI) is the fundamental link between applied research and the rapid commercialization of microelectronic products. Equipment A step ahead C2MI remains at the forefront of global technology with state-of-the-art equipment. Our equipment manufacturing partners adapt technologies to evolving market driven needs, providing you with the technologies of today allowing you to develop the prototypes leading tomorrow’s innovations. Intellectual property It belongs to you Intellectual property (IP) can make all the difference! At C2MI, we facilitate collaboration and creativity contributing to your success without depriving you of your most prized possession. Ecosystem Collaborate. Succeed. Global leaders in the Microelectronics Industry, University Research Centres, state-of-the-art equipment technology, targeted outreaching, skills and knowledge… key elements in fostering collaboration and synergy among all parties, resulting in the rapid commercialization of value-added products.

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The Boréas NexusTouchTM sensing-and-locating haptic platform enables designers to extend touch-sensitive user interfaces to the sides of smartphones and gaming […]

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This demande in Printed Electronic and flexible will increase steadily to $13 billion, claims a new report from IDTechEx. Read […]

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The haptic technology developed by Boréas Technologies, a Quebec start-up, based in Bromont who is getting a lot of attention […]

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The moving parts of a MEMS must be at low mechanical stress to avoid deformation when they are released and […]

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Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, business unit of Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc. manufactured the CCD image sensors for the Mars mission by […]

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