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In order to serve the high demand of wafers with fixed specifications more quickly, Plan Optik AG has founded a new brand called Wafer Universe, to provide off the shelf products. Therefore every customer can be served with stock products in respond to it‘s needs – simple and fast.

There is a huge variety of high quality wafers in different materials and sizes available on stock. Borosilicate wafers by Wafer Universe are mainly used as substrate wafers for a variety of Semiconductor and MEMS applications. Furthermore these wafers are often used in production processes as carriers for Thin-Wafer-Handling or for Wafer-Level-Packaging (WLP) of MEMS and sensors. Wafer Universe supply borosilicate wafers with regular polishing and also with the enhanced MDF polishing by Plan Optik. 

In addition to those borosilicate glass wafers, Wafer Universe also offers wafers from quartz – that can be used in high temperature processes or applications that demand high optical transmission – and wafers made of alkaline free glass – often used as carrier wafers for thin wafer handling processes.

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