Fineplacer Femto Die Bonder

Fineplacer Femto Die Bonder

Packaging assembly laboratory / Component placement / Chip placement

Fineplacer Femto Die Bonder

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Fully automated bonder for positioning and attaching small electronic or opto-electronic components on printed circuit board or substrate.


Ideal for product and process development

Placement, thermo compression bonding capable

Forming gas and formic acid available

Automated pattern recognition, alignment and bonding

Overlay vision alignment system with fixed beam splitter in combination with automatic field extension and zoom

Live process observation camera

Placement accuracy:  0.5 µm

Field of view:  0.27 mm x 0.2 mm (min) 3.2 mm x 2.4 mm (max)

Component size:  0.125 mm x 0.125 mm (min) 80 mm x 80 mm (max)

Working area: 450 mm x 150 mm (max)

Z travel / resolution: 10 mm / 0.2 µm

Y travel / resolution: 150 mm / 0.1 µm

X travel / resolution: 450 mm / 0.1 µm

Theta travel +/- 9˚ / resolution; 0.2 m˚

Bonding force max : 500 N

Heating temperature max : 450 ˚C

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