IBM Thunder

IBM Thunder

Packaging assembly laboratory / Underfill / Underfill dispenser

IBM Thunder

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Purpose :

High capacity underfill dispenser


Input/output Jedec tray

Multiple axes (Cartesian) gantry system with two independents heads.

X-Y placement accuracy +/- 50 µm

Encoder resolution  1µm

Acceleration up to 1G

Each heads can managed two dispense pumps(4 dispense pumps total)

2 dispense pumps can be managed simultaneous  (1/head)

Possibility of dispensing 2 different chemicals on the same part

Jet dispense pump  currently used

Narrow stream width for access into densely packed areas

Pump control close loop DC servo axis

Real time bent needle detection

Z positioning with high precision non-contact  laser displacement system.

3 points surface measuring for 3D dispense

Two  4M pixel area scan cameras.

Chip edge or fiducial detection

4 input conveyors for continuous operation

Heating surface of 8 simultaneous JEDEC tray

Tray or product preheat ambient to 160 ˚C

Underfill fillet and overflow on chip in line inspection

Pump temperature range, ambient to 70˚C

Weight scale

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