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Alizem is a boutique IP firm operated by Dr. Marc Perron, ing. and specialized in all aspects of commercializing electronics technologies coming from academia research (TRL4-9), including technology scouting, licensee prospection and entrepreneur coaching.


To promote and monetize intellectual work for the benefit of the economy and humanity.


Since 2008, 100% focused on all operations between research invention disclosure to product first sales:

Invention Disclosure Analysis, Technology Assessment, IP strategy.

Technology maturation financing, IP Licensing,

Voice of Customer, product development,

Startup operations, team building and entrepreneur coaching,

New product release and marketing,

Complex sales operations, pipeline management, partnerships,

Venture capital and non-dilutive financing, investor relations.

Markets and applications covered:

Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and IP,

Organic electronics,

EV charging stations for cities and for mining industry,

AI for city water management,

Aerospace aircraft electrification (MEA),

Medical devices, rehabilitation devices,Microscopy,

Industrial robotics and IoT, Video Edge Computing,

Consumer electronics and many others.

Connected network with R&D labs and OEMs in the field of industrial electronics.

1190B de Courchevel Street, Suite 400
Lévis, Quebec
Canada, G6W 0M6

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Marc Perron