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Dr. David Tinjust patented a revolutionary technology for cognitive training. He founded APEXK Inc., the first company in the world to provide technology for brain profiling and training with a view to field quantification of certain neurocognitive abilities that are essential to sports performance.

This post-concussion brain retraining method has already been successfully used with professional athletes in the National Hockey League and Canadian Football League, as well with Olympic athletes.


Take charge of the post-trauma vision syndrome of its clients.


APEXK has developed a one-of-a-kind, patented method and technology for functional brain retraining, so that you can rapidly return to normal activities of daily living.

This brain profiling and training technology in turn led to a method of screening for post-trauma visual syndrome with as well clinical and on-field applications. Beyond the assessment aspect, which makes for a useful tool that complements classic approaches, Dr. Tinjust has developed a method of post-concussion brain retraining.


Montréal, Québec

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David Tinjust

Chief Executive Officer