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Boréas Technologies

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Boréas Technologies is a start-up company located at C2MI in Bromont. They design and market high voltage integrated circuits for various applications.


Design innovative high-voltage, low-power integrated circuits, enabling new applications, and dramatically improving existing applications.


  • Proprietary high voltage, low power circuit technology.
  • Use of advanced CMOS (CAD) design tools for circuit and physical layout.
  • Use of integrated circuit fabrication processes with advanced CMOS technologies.
  • Use of assembly processes specific to our integrated circuit.
  • High-voltage, low-power integrated circuit design with the expertise of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies.
  • Analogue and digital measurements of the characterization and production of wafers and packages using laboratory equipment or automated test equipment (ATE).
  • Packaging technology (packages).
  • Experiences in industrial partnership and marketing of integrated circuits.

Boréas Technologies

45, boulevard de l'Aéroport
Bromont, Québec
Canada, J2L 1S8

450-534-8000 x 1522

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Simon Chaput


450-534-8000 x 1522