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Calogy Solutions is dedicated to solving complex thermal management problems. We leverage our thermal expertise to provide innovative solutions in a variety of industries, including microelectronics, medical devices and electrical transportation.


At Calogy Solutions, we are with you from the concept to the implementation of the equipment. We believe in the importance of problem definition, so we work with our customers to understand their needs and challenges. We leverage our diverse scientific expertise to provide our customers with innovative concepts, in-depth understanding and experimentally validated material.


PROBLEM FORMULATION: We define with you the thermal management challenge and formulate the requirements and constraints.

Identify the thermal challenges. Define the limits of the system and the boundary and operating conditions. Formulate the requirements and specifications of the application.

DESIGN: We design thermal management solutions using commercial or custom components to meet your needs.

Design viable cooling solutions. Compare different approaches to thermal management. Detailed thermal, fluidic and thermomechanical design.

MODELING AND SIMULATION: We analyze the thermal behaviour in microelectronic assemblies and electrical systems to better understand the thermal stakes and / or validate the proposed solutions.

Analytical modeling. Finite element numerical simulations including CFD calculations. Transient or steady state operation.

PROTOTYPING: We provide unique technologies to implement customized thermal management solutions. Custom cold plate manufacturing and integrated microfluidic cooling.

Rapid prototyping by 3D printing of metal and plastic components. Appropriation of fluidic commercial components and heat exchange. Assembly of customized systems for testing and demonstrations.

TEST AND VALIDATION: we measure and characterize thermal behaviour in the laboratory or on site. Thermal performance tests of customer equipment. Validation of customized thermal management solutions.

CUSTOM EQUIPMENT: We provide components and thermal management systems suitable for integration into your products.

Calogy Solutions

3000 Boulevard de l'Université (3IT)
Sherbrooke, Québec
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Mahmood Shirazy

President, CEO

819 580 2330