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At Dissident Technology Consulting, we provide hands-on EMC and Signal Integrity Services. We tackle on-site interference issues and high-speed electronic designs with a liberal, yet scientific approach.

Joining our electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, we foster creative routes to compliance. Hence, despite tighter regulations, we can always find a solution that works for you.



Let’s put your products on international markets already!


We tackle anything EMC:

Hight-speed and low-noise electronic design

Wireless modules and antenna positioning

Regulatory compliance and labels/markings

Machinery / Industrial certifications

Our pre-compliance lab allow us identifying issues ahead of testing. Together, we’ll find and  implement sensible solutions that fit your requirements.

We also have training seminars available if you would like to get a better understanding of EMC and global market access.


3515, chemin Royal
Quebec, Quebec
Canada, G1E 1X1



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Gaspard Bastien