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NTS Canada EMC Testing Laboratory

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The NTS Canada's EMC/EMI Testing Laboratory is specialized in the electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC and EMI) testing of electric and electronic products. With its experienced personnel and its flexibility of operation, we want to provide an efficient, quality service along the approval process of your products. NTS Canada also has a mechanical environmental and waterproofing testing division to provide you with a complete service.


The NTS Canada EMC/EMI Testing Laboratory is your designated partner to provide support during your product’s EMC and EMI qualification process; from prototype development to a proper product certification.

The EMC/EMI Testing Laboratory also offers a counselling service, allowing a reduced development time and a more efficient certification process.


Technologies and processes:

- EMI receptors

- Electrostatic discharge generator

- EFT Generator

- Shockwave generators - OOA generator

- BF disturbance generator

- Programmable power source

- And many others…

Emission tests: Electromagnetic fields, conducted disturbances, harmonic currents, voltage fluctuation, and flicker.

Immunity tests: Immunity to electrostatic discharges, electromagnetic fields, fast electrical transients in bursts, shock waves, conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields, magnetic fields at grid frequency, pulsed magnetic fields, Oscillatory magnetic fields, voltage dips, common-mode disturbances, residual ripple on dc power input, damped oscillatory waves, voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations on dc accesses DC power supply

EMC standardization advice

  • The United States and Federal Communications Commission (FCC): FCC Part 15 and Part 18
  • Canada and Industry Canada: NMB-003 ...
  • Europe and CE Marking: EMC Directive 2004/108 / EC, Telecommunications Terminal or Radio Directive 1999/5 / EC (RTTE)

In a position to carry out your tests for CE marking according to several standards.

NTS Canada EMC Testing Laboratory

1490-D, rue Nobel
Boucherville, Québec
Canada, J4B 5H3

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Xavier Couste

Technical Director DESS CEM Laboratory EMC / EMI NTS Canada