EV Technologies

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EV Technologies offers innovative EV propulsion and battery system designs, technologies and expertise, as well as the associated controls, that enable better efficiency and performance of electric vehicles, to be able to get better range, faster charging time and safer battery packs.


Develop innovative battery & powertrain solutions that increase driving range and reduce charging time of electric vehicles.


➢ Energy storage system design/specification: battery modules, thermal systems and complete packs
➢ Functional/Software development for propulsion, batteries and entire electric vehicle
➢ E/E & HV architecture design
➢ Propulsion system specification/integration: drive, motor, thermal management
➢ Validation/tests, specific powertrain system including batteries or complete vehicle
➢ Diagnostic strategy for development, production and after-market
➢ Supplier management EVs, eMoto and eBike

1, place Ville-Marie
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3B 2B6



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Vincent Darlix, P. Eng.

President, Principal Engineer