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Eyelit, Inc. delivers Manufacturing Management software that enables companies to quickly create operational excellence with full visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations—from the factory floor through the global supply chain.

A unique blend of innovative technology and unparalleled service makes Eyelit software simpler to implement, integrate, and use. That's why solutions roll out in a third of the time for half the cost of any comparable products. Simply put, Eyelit delivers more manufacturing efficiency—faster, easier, for less.


Eyelit's mission has always been to deliver and support with world-class customer service, easy-to-use, high-quality manufacturing management solutions that increase productivity and worker performance, and the bottom line for our customers.


Manufacturers face constant pressure to do things better and to do things faster. Eyelit products optimize performance across all production related operations —manufacturing execution, supply chain execution/coordination, product costing, asset and quality management—and coordinate the flow of critical manufacturing information throughout the enterprise.

This keeps manufacturing aligned with the rest of the business and makes quick adjustments to market or customer demands possible.


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