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infinityQ Technology Inc.

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infinityQ Technology, Inc. is focused on developing quantum analog computing solutions. Our first-gen quantum analog computer, infinityQube, uses analog electronics, operating at room temperature, to exploit certain quantum effects. We help our clients solve highly complex problems across a range of industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, logistics and chemistry. infinityQube is available to the end-consumer via our cloud interface or on-prem integration.

Developed by researchers who have led cutting-edge high-performance computing initiatives, infinityQube can outperform both classical CPUs and existing quantum computing devices for optimization problems– without the need for technical expertise in quantum mechanics and without cryogenics. We are a new type of green tech, rooted in analog, adiabatic in nature, with the energy consumption of your desk lamp. infinityQube’s unique design supports flexible and highly scalable deployment. We plan to leave the world a little better than how we found it.

Female founded, led, and engineered. Proudly based in Montréal, Quebec.


Our mission is simple: use disruptive computing technology to solve what has to date been impossible and drive positive change.


infinityQ technology will become the standard in all edge devices, integrate seamlessly with the world’s top HPCs, and create industry applications that will leave the world better than how we found it.

There are many applications, but to name a few:

  • SCIENCE/SPACE TRAVEL: discovering new materials;
  • HEALTH: discovering new drugs and personalized medicine;
  • ECONOMY: providing better tools for finance;
  • ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION/CLIMATE CHANGE: eliminating dangerous fertilizers;
  • ENERGY SAVINGS/DISRUPTIVE TECH SIMULATIONS: discovering new renewable sources;

In addition to providing complex network analysis, distributed network capabilities, and bringing quantum-analog technology to geographies with low power infrastructure, infinityQ technology will become the standard in all edge devices.

Our values

We are all humans with our own superpowers and Achilles’ heels; we honor all of it here at infinityQ. Because together, we can make anything happen. Our people are EVERYTHING to us. After all, without them, there is no infinityQ. Thus, we hold true to these pillars:

Power in diversity, respect for all

Dedication and results-driven

Fun & Teamwork are essential

Innovation drives excellence

We are a dynamic start-up that is blazing the trail of the quantum-analog revolution. We know it takes a diverse set of minds to navigate this new terrain effectively and strong hearts to use this technology to drive positive change.

We are up for the challenge!

infinityQ Technology Inc.

614, rue Saint-Jacques, suite 150
Montréal, Qc
Canada, H3C 1E2

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Kristina Kapanova

Chief Technology Director

Aurélie Helouis


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