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IngeniArts is a high-tech company based on a multidisciplinary team dedicated to designing innovative solutions for the storage and supply of energy in the field of electric vehicles. The first product of this company is an electrokinetic battery, called ‘UGOWORK’, aiming the market of high-power forklift trucks which today use non-efficient and polluting lead-acid batteries.


Designing innovative solutions powering electric vehicles.


IngeniArts Technologies uses technology developed and patented by its co-founders for the development of its products. (Patent US 20150249352 A1)

A flywheel is integrated into a set of lithium-ion cells to store the power generated by the forklift and support lithium-ion cells during high current demand peaks.

The IngeniArts Technologies team is composed of engineers and masters in electronics, mechanics and computer science.

C2MI contributed significantly to the launch and growth of IngeniArts Technologie by injecting capital that contributed to bilding a team dedicated to designing a new high-tech and cleantech product.

Philippe Beauchamp, President.


2435 avenue Watt, bureau 10
Quebec, Quebec
Canada, G1P 3X2

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