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Murata Integrated Passive Solutions is dedicated to the manufacturing of leading edge silicon Integrated Passive Devices for networking (RF power and broadband), high reliability, medical, automotive and communications. Its portfolio includes:

  • Low profile capacitor < 80 µm thin for decoupling inside critical space application
  • High temperature capacitor up to 250°C with very high stability
  • Ultra broadband capacitor up to 100 GHz+
  • High reliability medical and automotive grade capacitor
  • Ultra low ESL capacitor (<10pH)
  • Silicon interposers with and without passive components for integration in System in Package (SiP) or MultiChip module (MCM)
  • Passive component networks for integration in module or on board

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions is located in Caen, France. The site includes an R&D center and a wafer foundry certified ISO 9001 / 14001, ISO TS16949 for the automotive market as well as ISO 13485 for medical devices.

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions is supported in terms of sales by Murata’s worldwide force.

Restriction of Weapons and Military End-Use.


Murata Integrated Passive Solutions manufacture your innovations:

  • dedicated to manufacturing of leading edge Integrated Passive Devices.
  • Serving the market with a revolutionary technology for miniaturization and performance optimization of electronic circuits.
  • Open platform for advanced semiconductor process (Silicon capacitors, MOS transistors, MEMS, sensors, etc).


Ultra miniaturized silicon passive components with high performance, high stability and high reliability features:
  • From one to ten’s components in one silicon die.
  • Capacitance integration on silicon wafer, up to 500 nF/mm².
  • Ultra low profile passives down to 30 µm.
  • Excellent electrical performances: up to 110 GHz bandwidth, low ESR/ESL.
  • Extreme operating conditions up to 250°C.
  • High reliability: more than 100 times better than alternative technologies
Enable Performiniaturization (*PerforMiniaturization : process of miniaturizing and optimizing performances of electronic boards):
  • Custom products: Capacitor networks, Passive component arrays, Interposers with passive components, ESD protections
  • Specialty products: High Stability Silicon Capacitors, Low Profile Silicon Capacitors, Vertical Silicon Capacitors , Wire bond & Embedded Silicon Capacitors , High Temperature Silicon Capacitors 200°C, Xtreme Temperature Silicon Capacitors 250°C, Ultra Broadband Silicon Capacitors
Propose High Performance Solutions:
  • Hi Rel / High performance Electronic:  integrate a full passive component bill of material in one single silicon die with tremendous performances: capacitance stability over voltage, aging temperature (up to 250°C), an ultra large band performance of 110 GHz, low leakage current, high reliability, extended lifetime.
  • Semiconductors: Typical product /system integration goes from a single 100nF capacitor  chip up to advanced silicon passive arrays or interposers.

Technoparc, 7140 Albert Einstein
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H4S 2C1