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Kynze offers R&D products and services to help customers develop and integrate smart sensors for their solutions.

Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to offer the best service to develop and integrate chemical and electronic sensors into an integrated, connected and intelligent business solution.


Our mission is simple: we help companies achieve their innovation goals.

We offer consulting services for the development and integration of connected sensors for applications where chemistry/biochemistry knowledge is essential.

We offer accessibility and personalized support to our clients to reduce the risks associated with innovation projects.

From ideation to small-scale production, we have the experience, resources and partners to help you achieve your innovation goals.


Electrochemical sensors

Whether for environmental, medical or process analysis, electrochemical sensors meet your needs for impedance, amperometric, volta-metric or other measurements. Using chemistry and biology, Kynze develops and integrates a specific, reproducible, accurate and intelligent sensor for you.

Sensors spectral analysis

Kynze develops innovative optical sensors for environmental, medical and process monitoring applications. We integrate the latest opto-electronic technologies for custom-made devices at the cutting edge of technology.

Fabrication process

Whether it is microfabrication, printed electronics (screen printing, inkjet, etc.), microfluidics or PCBs, Kynze will work with you to develop the most suitable manufacturing process for your technology. The vast expertise of our team becomes an invaluable asset in achieving your objectives.


Looking for a solution to diagnose and monitor chemical, biological and/or environmental parameters? Our engineering and IT teams can help you develop it. We will help you choose the best connectivity technology for your needs (BLE, LTE, LORA etc.)

1400, Hocquart Street
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec
Canada, J3V 6E1

1 514 487-1053

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Florent Lefèvre


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