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MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies

Business profile

Service offering

Development and sale of simulation and analysis tools (Siemens integration)

Development and sale of Life Cycle Management tools (PLM, Siemens integration)

IIoT & AI integration services applied to industry

Integration, automation and customization of software

Development and sale of tools Data center infrastructure management

Consultation & Training


For more than 30 years, Maya HTT has been at the forefront of simulation software development. With more than seven million software licenses distributed worldwide, we help organizations improve their quality and efficiency with the latest software and digital innovations. Maya HTT is positioning itself today as an innovation partner by investing in the development of innovative solutions that meet the needs of the industry.


Structural, thermal 3D analysis and simulation, fluid dynamics, eCAD / mCAD integration

Life cycle management (PLM)

Internet of things (IIoT integration)

Industry 4.0 (artificial intelligence, digital twins, cloud computing, etc.)

Integration, automation and customization of software

Data center infrastructure management

Engineering services (consultation)


MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies

4999, St-Catherine Street West, #400
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3Z 1T3


Contact person

Arnaud Divialle

Innovation Director

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Rita Azrak

Marketing Director

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