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Established in 2010, Motsai is a company specializing in the design of low-power wireless embedded systems. Our products and services integrate Bluetooth Smart technology, inertial motion capture and advanced algorithms related to data fusion. We are expert in creating novel high-tech products that target industrial or mass-market applications. Motsai also has a unique expertise in developing haptic products.


Accelerate the realization of innovative products that incorporate wireless low-power telecommunication through our collaborative and integrated development process.


Low-power wireless electronic system architecture. Linux-based telecommunication and routing systems. RTOS Integration on microcontroller Circuit design Digital signal processing, filters and algorithms Miniaturization and transition to mass production Technologies and processes: Wireless motion and orientation capture platform (Neblina) Haptic product Research and Development Bluetooth Smart products ARM Cortex-M/Cortex-A product development HDI printed circuit board design ECAD/MCAD integrated development

C2MI allows Motsai to offer his customers a better support during the development of miniature products at the cutting edge of the technology. The measurement capacities, the specialized tests and analyses performed at C2MI allows us to reach out international customers and offer them a unique value.

Jean-Samuel Chenard, PhD
Président, Motsai


1447, rue Hocquart
St-Bruno, Québec
Canada, J3V 6K7

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Jean-Samuel Chenard