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Nemko is a global leader and certification organization with 24 locations on 4 continents, providing access service market to more than 150 countries worldwide. Nemko has completed over 42,000 certificates and orders tests. The Nemko and Nemko Direct for telecommunications programs are considered the industry standard for access to the global market.

Nemko is Montreal meanwhile, to serve the export potential of Quebec. The laboratory aims to take advantage of industrial assets in the region: medical equipment, computer equipment and opto-microelectronics and laser-based equipment, all of which have excellent representation at the International Photonics North conference.


Nemko contributes to a safer world by sharing knowledge and saving products, the environment, people and systems. Nemko creates value for the customer by providing a fast and reliable international approval.


Nemko specializes in the field of information technology, telecommunication wireless, appliance, equipment care healths, maritime, of the lighting equipment in the installation and equipment in building inspection. The company also offers certification services in various fields such as environment, energy, safety information and more.


292, Avenue Labrosse
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Canada, H9R 5L8

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