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Micro Thermo has developed a strong expertise, in the last seventeen years, in the Supermarket Industry. Its success with its new MT Alliance system which integrates on one platform all the controls present in a supermarket brought Micro Thermo to be nominated as the best small enterprise in Quebec in 1997 by the Banque Nationale. Micro Thermo Technologies has been bought in August 2001 by Carrier Electronics and is now a division of UTC Canada Corporation.


Provide supermarket chain owners, operators and service providers with up-to-date, complete and relevant information for decision-making.


Micro Thermo is deeply involved in R&D using the LonWorks technology from Echelon. Micro Thermo is a system integrator of  interoperable products using, for this purpose, its unique MT Alliance platform.

Products :

  1. Energy and Environmental management system for the Supermarket Industry which integrates on a same platform data acquisition and controls for temperature, refrigeration, lighting, HVAC and energy management. Software and hardware products developed accordingly to the latest technology for interoperability and networking solutions.
  2. The MT Alliance software is a fully integrated environment and energy management system for supermarkets and small buildings. It is a unique platform, using the latest technology in networking and distributed intelligence (Lonworks). MT Alliance monitors and controls all refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, temperature and power operations.

12855, rue Brault
Mirabel, Québec
Canada, J7J 0C4

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Serge Desmarais


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