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Richard Beaudry Consultant

Business profile

Service offering

Consulting service for the development of manufacturable MEMS processes.


Integration solution for MEMS process micromachining.


  • 20 years experience in semiconductors
  • 15 years experience in MEMS industry, multi-substrate MEMS, MOEMS
  • 13 years direct experience in DRIE and plasma etching development, wide knowledge in photolithography, wet etch,  striping, deposition,wafer-level bonding, etc.

Technologies and processes

From your MEMS concept:

  • Elaborate practical design, considering available technologies.
  • Develop the process flow and identify risks at each steps.
  • Help to select the right fab to build your prototype.
  • Lead the development in laboratories to speed up prototyping development and help trouble shooting.
  • Participate to analize electrical, mechanical and optical results. And interact with packaging to optimize device performances.
  • Help to select foundry and interact with them to bring the device into production.

Richard Beaudry Consultant

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Richard Beaudry


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