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TandemLaunch works with brilliant entrepreneurs to build companies around university technologies. Our network of industry and university partners is global, extensive and very valuable to our process.
TandemLaunch takes a unique approach to building startups. We start by identifying industry problems, then scout technologies to solve them. We then assemble a team and build a company together.
Unlike other incubators, we take pride in not only offering a large amount of funding, but in providing hands-on mentorship, coaching and the opportunity for co-creation.


TandemLaunch is a unique startup foundry and seed fund based in Montreal. We work with driven entrepreneurs to turn research from the world’s best universities into exceptional technology companies.


  • Outstanding Technology Scouting
  • Premium Entrepreneur Training and Mentoring
  • Solid Team Building and Company Incubating
  • Deep Technology & Consumer Electronics Expertise
  • Dynamic Industry Networking
  • Universities & TTO Offices Service Consulting
  • Strong Company Portofolio Funding
  • High ROI Ranking

780 Brewster Avenue, Suite RC-106
Montreal, Qc
Canada, H4C 2K1



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Martin Girard

Director of Engineering



Madeleine Schaeffner

Marketing & Branding Specialist

1-438-380-5435 poste 210