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Collaboration opportunities


Since C2MI focuses on the creation of a complete development cycle, it is not limited to the production of microelectronic products. It also offers countless collaborations and business opportunities related to all peripheral sectors associated with the manufacture of innovative microelectronic devices. The underlying themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure  sensors, controllers
  • Services logistics, control systems, design, testing, card assembly, smart products
  • Raw materials metallic materials, polymeric materials, thermal dissipation solutions
  • Equipment manufacturers  new concepts, new processes, improved productivity
  • Emerging products product designers, developers and designers of embedded systems, integrated sensors


Members benefit from collaborative opportunities that accelerate their technological strategies and their commercialization, enabling them to stay ahead of their competition. With all the necessary equipment and resources on site, members benefit from the proximity of the other C2MI collaborating members and perhaps build innovative alliances, giving the C2MI a role as a core technology and an essential network.

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