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Eyelit Announces Record Revenue and Profit From Its Manufacturing Execution (MES), Automation, and Quality (QMS) Software for the 2nd Quarter

October 08, 2019

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eyelit Inc. announced highest revenue for the second quarter in 2019, with over 20% top line revenue growth over its second quarter in 2018. The company’s revenue increased in all key business areas, led by software licenses which increased by over 40% from the previous second quarter. Eyelit also achieved meaningful global expansion in the quarter, see below for highlights.

Eyelit announces record revenue and profit from its Manufacturing Execution (MES), Automation, and Quality (QMS) software for the 2nd quarter.

Key milestones for the quarter were:

  • A noteworthy European customer went into live production at a highly automated 24×7, 200mm semiconductor fab, with the system executing over a million transactions per day. The project migrated their MES to Eyelit MES and added Eyelit modules including: Asset Management, Statistical Process Control, and FactoryConnect— a module for extensive automated data collection. Eyelit’s FactoryConnect is the communication layer that connects Eyelit MES with their existing factory automation including RFID, SCADA, APC, as well as their systems for Defect Analysis, Scheduling, and SAP ERP. Also deployed was Eyelit’s QMS module for ECNs, OCAP, and other non-conformance management processes.
  • A new project was initiated with a US customer that is using PROMIS MES. This customer is now upgrading multiple factories to Eyelit’s FactoryConnect integration hub utilizing Eyelit’s workflow manager product. FactoryConnect enables communications with PROMIS MES and various factory systems including the automation layer. This company has been using portions of Eyelit’s integration software in high volume production for over 15 years. With the deployment of FactoryConnect, the company estimates 25 to 40% improvement in manufacturing integration efficiency. With FactoryConnect’s configuration-based approach, there is significantly less downtime to adapt system changes.
  • Eyelit’s MES and EquipmentConnect tool integration software was implemented at an R&D facility in Australia. Phase 1 was completed to accelerate qualification of new processes and equipment.

These are different projects showcasing the capability, flexibility and scalability of Eyelit’s platform. Eyelit’s FactoryConnect has been providing application and tool connectivity for over 15 years to various other MES solutions such as PROMIS and WorkStream. It was providing IoT capability before IoT became a trend. Along with Eyelit MES and other modules that cover a wide spectrum of business and manufacturing needs, Eyelit is providing fundamental tools for Industry 4.0 by supporting smart factory initiatives that span the digital supply network.

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