ASM Siplace TX Platform

ASM Siplace TX Platform

Card Assembly / Component placement / Placement

ASM Siplace TX Platform

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Pick and Place siface mount component

The first tool, the TX1, combines precision and high speed with a theoretical placement possibility of 48,000 components per hour and a placement precision of 15 microns. The TX1 is equipped with the ASM SpeedStar placement head which has 20 nozzles to capture as many components at the same time. This same placement head is capable of handling the smallest card attachment components on the market today, the 0201 metrics (0.2mmX0.1mm). Aside from its speed and precision, the TX1 has the following characteristics:

  • Camera positioned at the placement nozzles to allow component recognition in one and the same step. This configuration contributes to the high speed of the equipment.
  • Ability to handle components between 0.120mm X 0.120mm and 8.2mm X 8.2mm, with a maximum thickness of 4mm.
  • Control of the placement force between 0.5N and 4.5N.

The second equipment of the line of attachment to the card brings flexibility on what can be positioned. Indeed, the TX2 is provided with two placement heads which both have their specificities. The first head, the Multistar, is made up of 12 nozzles which allow simultaneous placement of 12 components and offers a placement accuracy of 34 microns. With a theoretical placement speed of 25,500 components per hour, the Multistar also makes it possible to consistently take components ranging from 0.4mmX0.2mm up to 50mmX40mm. Like the Speedstar, the Multistar also has a camera at the nozzles. Finally, the Multistar head allows a controlled placement force from 1 N up to 10N.

The second placement head of the TX2 allows great versatility in the shape of the components placed as well as in the type of packaging of each of them. Equipped with a head with 2 nozzles called Twinstar, it allows a placement precision of 22 microns at a speed of 5500 components per hour. However, the particularity of this head lies in the fact that it is provided with a clamp in addition to the nozzle to be able to pick up the largest components, having the most complex shapes or being positioned in supports different from the rollers. usual. Over 120 different grippers are available for picking up and positioning these non-standard components. This diversity results in a great ability to assemble several forms of components ranging from 0.6mmX0.3mm up to 200mmX125mm with a maximum height of 25mm. Finally, the Twinstar head has a controlled placement force from 1N to 15N.

Positioned at the heart of the assembly line, placement equipment is undoubtedly the key to offering great flexibility both in terms of the type of components assembled and the type of media used. The C2MI line has therefore been designed and equipped to provide this great flexibility.

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