Heller 1914 MKIII

Heller 1914 MKIII

Packaging assembly laboratory / Lid attach / Hard Bake

Heller 1914 MKIII

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Purpose :

Thermal interface material (between chip and lid) cure


100% forced convection reflow oven

14 heating zones, 140 inches of heating

28 independent temperature controllers

Temperature gradient between heating zone over 50 deg C

3 cooling zones, 30 inches of cooling

Belt width 24 inches

Process clearance above belt  2 inches

Conveyor speed 2 to 50 inches/min

Nitrogen flow controller 200 to 1200 SCFH/section

Max  50 ppm oxygen and moisture

Mass flow, Blower speed,  software controlled

Nitrogen curtain entrance and exit

Accuracy of temperature controller +/- 0.5 deg C

Cross belt temperature control +/- 3 deg C

5 thermocouples real time profiling

Live monitoring system  (KIC 24/7)

Max temperature up to 400 C in heated zones

Blower speed rotation adjustment and alarm

Power lift hood

UPS back up

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