Sonoscan FACTS2

Sonoscan FACTS2

Packaging assembly laboratory / Underfill / Acoustic microscopy

Sonoscan FACTS2

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In line non-destructive inspection and analysis of void and delamination in electronic package using acoustic micro imaging technology.


Integrated input and output elevators load and unload stacked  tray

Inertially balanced for vibration free and shock free operation

Multi-stage drying unit (4) for removing DI water from inspected components

High frequency, high power, digital pulser/receiver

Ultrasonic transducers up to 230 MHz range

Avalable transducteur : 15MHz (1” focal) , 50MHz 75MHz 100MHz (0.5” de focal) , 100MHz (0.63” focal). 230 MHz (0.375’’ focal)

95 dB selectable in 0.5 dB steps

Digital gate width selectable in 0.25 nsec steps

Simultaneously display both polarity (phase) and amplitude data

Water fall transducer (non-immersion type scanning)

+/- 0,5 micron repeatability of scan axis

Automated data analysis allows user to predefine accept/reject criteria

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