Speedline Camalot-FX-D

Speedline Camalot-FX-D

Packaging assembly laboratory / Underfill / Underfill dispenser

Speedline Camalot-FX-D

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Purpose :

Dispense low viscosity material (underfill) for C4 life enhancement


XY placement accuracy +/- 75 µm @ 3 sigma

Encoder resolution 2 µm

Speed 500 mm/sec

Gantry drive system, closed-loop DC, servo ball screw drive

Total system accuracy 125 µm @ 3 sigma

Z axis accuracy +/- 25 µm @ 3 sigma

Encoder resolution 0.3 µm

Speed 188 mm/sec

Z axis type, closed loop DC servo, ball screw drive

Z sense type, non-contact laser

Max dispense area 508 mm x 508 mm

Z axis travel 100 mm

Conveyor type flat belt, currently 165 mm width

Tray or product preheat ambient to 130 ˚C

Pump control close loop DC servo axis

Jet dispense pump currently used

Ideally suited for underfill

Narrow stream width for access into densely packed areas

Pump temperature range, ambient to 70 ˚C

Vision system, auto vision alignment

Die edge detection algorithms

Weight scale

Needle cleaner

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