SPT Micro AVP-9200

SPT Micro AVP-9200

Integrated microsystems laboratory (MEMS) / Thermal treatment / Anneal

SPT Micro AVP-9200

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Purpose :

Vertical furnace for wet/dry silicon oxide thin film growth, and hydrogen anneal


Thermal oxide thickness: 140 ± 6 nm, and 900 ± 20 nm

Within wafer thickness non-uniformity: 0.5% (1 sigma)

Wafer-to-wafer thickness non-uniformity: 0.4% (1-sigma)

Wafer size: 150 mm, 200 mm

Production wafers per load: 100

Thickness range of wafers: 300 – 1700 µm

Temperature range: 950°C – 1150 °C

Chamber configuration : Cross-flow

Gases used: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, TransLC

Mass flow control: ±5 sccm of the target gas flow

Annealing environment: Hydrogen/Oxygen

Wafer material: Silicon, Silicon-on-Insulator(SOI)

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