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Stoelting Triton Mill 224 Polypro

Packaging assembly laboratory / Balling / Balling flux cleaning

Stoelting Triton Mill 224 Polypro

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Clean flux under substrate after balling


Conveyor belt stainless steel 24 ‘’ wide, 0.072 ‘’ wire x 3/8 ‘’ pitch

3 JEDEC conveyor lane

Adjustable belt speed 0.3 to 5 FPM

150 psi/120 gpm pump used in wash and rinse section

BEX ZFP 5005 8 GPM nozzle

19 upper spray bars total, adjustable

9 nozzles per spray bar

72 KW water heater tank

5 x12 KW heater in wash and 4 x 12 KW in rinse section

2 x 20 HP blower in drying section

Upper air knife tubes in the drying section adjustable in height and angle

Pre-wash, wet isolation and final rinses equipped with 0-15 gpm meter

Each recirculating section has independent top spray pressure adjustment

2 x 15 HP, 9 stages pump in wash and rinse section

Variable frequency drive for each pump

Liquid lock in wash section

Temperature range for wash and rinse, ambient to 65˚C

Temperature range for drying section , ambient to 100 ˚C

5 gpm fresh DI water input (14 Meg Ohms)

Top belt conveyor available to prevent floating or flipping parts

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