Unveilling the first investments

AEPONYX develops and manufactures semiconductor chips dedicated to cloud computing.

With proprietary patent and patent-pending technologies, combining photonics on silicon with electromechanical microsystems (MEMS), AEPONYX is building the most affordable, compact, and energy-efficient optical microswitches. Their use is ideal in disconnected switches and plug-in transceivers, enabling them to become tunable in both transmission and reception.

AEPONYX technology is a solution to reduce the environmental footprint of network and data center operators. Optical microswitches will make systems much less energy-consuming and more capable of supporting the explosion of bandwidth needs at the root of cloud computing behind mobile services, webcasting, social networks and the Internet of objects.

Network and data center operators will be able to increase the capacity of their infrastructure at both ends of the optical fiber while reducing their electricity consumption. AEPONYX microswitches are 100x faster, 10x cheaper and 10x smaller than the 3D MEMS switches that are currently used by network and data center operators.

AEPONYX intends to become the market leader in photonics on silicon with MEMS.

Unveiling of the first 10 companies to be funded by Innovexport

From all over Quebec and from various sectors, they all share the excellence of their entrepreneurship and innovative products or services with an undeniable export potential!

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