Voice human-machine interaction is making noise in the MEMS industry – An interview with Infineon Technologies

Voice human-machine interaction is making noise in the MEMS industry – An interview with Infineon Technologies

The popularity of Voice Personal Assistants (VPAs) such as Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon, and the Google Assistant, is pushing audio technologies into new systems. Such systems are adopting VPAs as a new human-machine interface. Well-known examples include smart speakers and wireless earbuds, two markets that are booming with unsustainable growth over the last one or two years.
Thanks to the penetration of audio features in new systems the MEMS microphone, microspeaker and audio integrated circuit (IC) market will expand from $14B in 2018 to $21B in 2024, at a 6.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), according to Yole Développement’s Microphones, microspeakers, and audio solutions 2019 report. In this market, the MEMS microphone share will reach almost $2B in 2024.
In order to gain insights into these new markets and technologies, Alexis Debray and Dimitrios Damianos, MEMS market & Technology Analyst at Yole Développement, discussed them with Dr. Roland Helm, Head of Sensors at Infineon, one of the two main leaders in the MEMS microphone die industry.

Audio MEMS Ind ecosystem 2018-2024 forecast - Yole

Alexis Debray (AD): Infineon is a world leader in MEMS microphone die fabrication. Could you provide a short overview of your business as of today? What is your role? What are your responsibilities?

Roland Helm (RH): Infineon is developing and manufacturing microphone modules and bare die MEMS and application specific ICs (ASICS) for microphones.
Our products include a wide portfolio of microphones for specific high audio quality use cases as well as cost-optimized voice pick-up.
The portfolio is specially optimized for applications like smartphones, true wireless stereo (TWS) headsets, medical devices, laptops and tablets as well as voice-controlled devices.
MEMS microphones are part of a wider sensor portfolio including automotive sensors, 3D sensors like time-of-flight (TOF), radar or ultrasonic, pressure sensors, optical sensors and environment sensors.
I am Senior Director, heading the Sensor Product Line. I am responsible for the microphone, pressure sensor, optical sensor and environmental sensor consumer business.

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