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Annealsys designs and manufactures machines for rapid thermal processing (RTP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD and ALD) processes. Our customers are research laboratories for process development and companies for production applications in the fields of semiconductor, nanotechnology, MEMS, sensors, solar cells, etc.
RTP furnaces use cold wall chamber technology with infrared halogen lamps. The high temperature versions reach 1450°C. It is possible to perform processes at atmospheric pressure under different types of gas, under vacuum or under secondary vacuum. Some furnaces are available in RTCVD version for deposition processes using gases and some ALD processes. A high temperature RTP furnace capable of performing processes at 2000°C is available for implant annealing of silicon carbide wafers and generation of graphene by sublimation of silicon from SiC.
DLI-CVD thin film deposition machines are equipped with direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizers. These machines are available for substrates up to 50, 100 or 200 mm. The 50 mm machine (MC-050) uses lamp heating and allows in-situ annealing processes. All DLI-CVD reactors can operate in DLI-ALD and pulse pressure CVD mode. Plasma is available as an option.
The company has a laboratory with RTP and DLI-CVD machines and provides process service for thermal annealing and thin film deposition of oxides and 2D materials. We have the capability to develop innovative processes for our customers.


Development of innovative RTP furnaces to push the limits of rapid annealing processes: high temperature, vacuum, pulsed annealing, and possibilities of RTCVD and ALD deposition processes.
Development of thin film deposition machine by CVD with direct liquid injection vaporizer using orgametallic precursors.
Development of annealing and thin film deposition processes by CVD and ALD.


Rapid thermal annealing processes: implantation annealing, ohmic contact annealing, rapid thermal oxidation, etc. Heat treatment of thermally sensitive substrates.
Deposits of complex oxides, metals and nitrides by CVD and ALD with direct liquid injection vaporizers using organometallic precursors.
Growth of 2D materials: graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and transition metal dichalchogenides (MoS2, WS2, etc.)


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