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Canadian Light Source is a national research institution at the University of Saskatchewan. It provides innovative solutions as a leading center for excellence in health research, agriculture, environment and advanced materials. Canadian Light Source offers a technical manufacturing service.

The SyLMAND facility at the CLS uses a highly collimated synchrotron x-ray beam for deep x-ray lithography capable of patterning thick photo resists (0.1 – 1 mm) for high aspect ratio micro-structures (50:1) with a minimum feature size of 2 microns.

The end station has a dedicated x-ray scanner for full wafer exposure under vacuum (mask size 75 mm diameter), including capabilities for inclined and aligned exposures.

The accompanying clean room (class 10,000) facilitates LIGA process steps.



The Industry Services Group at CCRS is a team of experts whose mission is to bring the power of synchrotron tools to Canadian industry. Canadian Light Source provide everything from simple access to purchased experimental design to full-service, execution and analysis. SYNCHROTRON-based techniques provide insight into the chemistry and structure of samples from the macroscopic scale to the molecular level.


This institution is one of the largest scientific projects in Canadian history, and an essential tool for research and development in Canada. More than 1,000 academics, government and industry scientists from around the world who use their services every year, developing innovative solutions in health, agriculture, environment and materials Advanced.

Canadian Light Source inc.

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