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Our company is fully devoted to the design and development of specialized products in portable and rugged electronic devices. We offer services in electronic design, software development and industrial design. With rigor, flexibility and a reliable process, we design up to the production startup, high quality industrial and consumer products, delivered on time, with respect to our commitments to you. We work with leading players in the industry and we can contribute to your large scale projects, big or small.


Our main motivation is to satisfy and exceed your expectations by designing the best possible product while meeting your timeframe and budget.


Industrial Design

development of electronic products, especially for rugged, waterproof and reliable portable devices, in various fields such as testing instruments, security enforcement, transport and medical applications. We use the best tools and all our creative talent to provide high-end concepts and products that will satisfy the requirements of your customers. The result? A unique product, competitive and innovative, both in its appearance and its superior functionality.

Electronic Engineering

Explora offers comprehensive outsourcing services in electronic engineering and specializes in the design and development of portable products with operating systems and embedded systems for autonomous devices. We have over 15 years of experience in designing products with analog and digital circuits for industrial and commercial custom equipments such as handheld computers, measure and test instruments, security and biometric units, emergency vehicle terminals and lighting control systems.

Software Development

The team of software engineers at Explora is specialized in the development of embedded software systems for commercial and industrial products, in operating systems implementation and in the development of custom software applications. With the acquired experience of more than 15 years of work on numerous and various projects such as handheld computers, measure and test instruments, control loop feedback mechanisms, security and biometric units, emergency vehicle terminals and lighting control systems, the Explora software team will know how to handle your projects.

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Bernard St-Pierre

Vice-president of operations

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