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Skyphos specializes in micro-SLA (uSLA) 3D printer services for microfluidics. It allows researchers to print chips on demand, outside of a cleanroom, by-passing months of development time and hundreds of thousands of dollars per device. Skyphos works with all drawing platforms and is the only 3D printer developed specifically for microfluidics.

Our digital manufacturing process, infini-3D, allows rapid prototyping through production runs of microfluidics, Lab on Chip (LOC), Point of Care (POC) devices, and other life-science tools. Skyphos specializes in micro-3D printing (additive manufacturing), at the intersections of electronics and microbiology. This flexible production process allows agile manufacturing and design evolution at a rate 10x faster than molds.


Skyphos is dedicated to improving the translation of point-of-care medical diagnostics and developing next-gen healthcare platforms. Clients use us to leapfrog and simplify the development process for Lab-on-chip, microfluidics, and micro-machining that were, until now, out of reach for 3d printing. It means those working in these fields can cut 90% of development timelines, go straight to testing the final product, getting to market faster. We are healthcare accelerated.


Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, micro-DLP, micro-SLA
rapid prototyping and production at scale
microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, point of care diagnostics
Personalized Medicine
tissue mimics and scaffolds
cell separation
surface modification for microbiology
macromolecular, materials, polymer science
3d printing resin development
micro-fluidic designs
small to large scale manufacturing runs

Skyphos Industries

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