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Tak Design is an industrial design firm specialized in high technology product development. His expertise in the medical, electronics, industrial as well as consumer products allowed him to make his mark in providing effective and innovative mechanical solutions. Its compliance with the stringent requirements of the industry and the specific needs of its customers promotes distinct product design, smart and sustainable.


Shine internationally through its expertise and knowledge while performing with and for clients, projects and innovative design engineering, sustainable and profitable by making their service a creative team listening to their reality.


At Tak Design, they are not limited to a single technology. For product design and integration of technology customer, the company is seeking a variety of technologies and processes that they operate according to the needs and changes in product development; rapid prototyping, plastic injection, digital and conventional machining, extrusion, molding all kinds, forming sheet metal, and many others.

Tak Design provides mechanical and conceptual design services, design, detailed mechanical development, structural analysis, drawings and specifications for the fabricatoin, prototyping and validation testing and certification assistance.

Tak Design

6300, avenue Du Parc
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H2V 4H8

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514 461-3010